A Reliable and Economical Solution For Monitoring Bottom Hole Pressure and Temperature

The WELLVISOR Digital Downhole Pressure and Temperature sensor by AEGEOS OILFIELD TECHNOLOGY provides measured Bottom Hole Pressure and Temperature data that can be monitored and recorded in real-time.

Real-Time Bottom Hole Pressure gives the operator the ability to physically “see” what is taking place with the fluids in the well bore and the formations, which eliminates the “guess-work”. This technology comes standard on Electric Submersible Pumps, and is proving to be extremely beneficial for optimizing production on Sucker Rod Lift and Gas Lift operations.

Maintain 100% Pump Fillage

Automatically Maintain 100% Pump Fillage every stroke on Rod Pump Application.

Automatically Maintain BubblePoint

Automatically Maintain BubblePoint Pressure in the in the well bore on Gas Lift Applications

Monitor Bottom Hole Pressure

Monitor the Bottom Hole Pressure in real time on offset wells during a frac.

Small Size

With an OD of only 0.85″, the WellVIZOR Downhole Sensor is small enough to fit into almost any type of well. Inside or outside the tubing.

Robust Design

The WellVIZOR Downhole Sensor is designed using the minimum number of electronic components required. This creates a rugged downhole tool that can withstand the toughest of downhole conditions.

More Value

The WellVIZOR Downhole Sensor is very economical compared to other downhole sensors. This gives you the highest return on your monitoring investment and provides you the vital downhole condition information in real-time.
Measured Parameter Range/Value
Intake Pressure Ranges 0-5000 psi and 0-10,000 psi
Intake Pressure Accuracy +/- 0.25% BFSL
Intake Pressure Resolution 0.1psi  (1 PSI using SRU)
Transducer Type Digital Silicon Strain Gauge
Transducer Diaphragm Material 316 SS
Temperature Range 32°F – 257°F, 0°C – 125°C
Intake Temperature Accuracy 3.5°F, 2°C
Intake Temperature Resolution 0.1°F (1°F using AS SRU)
Physical Diameter 0.85”
Physical Length 10.0”
Physical Weight 13 oz, 350 gm.
Material 316 SS
Wire Material 16 ga. PTFE Teflon (wired). 1/8”, 1/4” or 4mm Stainless TEC
Supply Voltage 20 – 40 Volts DC
Supply Current Less than 15mA
Data Transmission Method Digital with Verification Checksum
Basic Surface Readout Surface Data Acquisition System Advanced Surface Data Acquisition System
Power Required 18 – 30 Volts DC 1 Amp 115VAC +/- 15% 50/60Hz 115VAC +/- 15% 50/60Hz
Display Type OK / Fault LED’s 6 digit Alpha Numeric LED 8 digit Alpha Numeric LED. Port for additional flat panel display
Motor Controller Connection iCON Series Interface. Additional connection for legacy (F3/F5 / Commander / Tornado series) controllers. Electrically isolated. iCON Series Interface standard. Support for legacy (F3/F5 Commander series) controllers. Electrically isolated.
Modbus RS-485 3 Wire standard, electrically isolated 3 Wire standard, electrically isolated 3 Wire standard, electrically isolated
Modbus RS-232 3 wire, no handshaking required, electrically isolated 3 wire, no handshaking required, electrically isolated 3 wire, no handshaking required, electrically isolated
USB Modbus Standard USB ‘B’, electrically isolated Standard USB ‘B’, electrically isolated
Ethernet (RTU & TCPIP) Standard CAT5E 8 Pin connector.
Analog Outputs (Isolated) 4x 0-20mA User configurable to output and scale any parameter, including user ‘pushed’ registers. (SRU2 sources power)
Relay Outputs (Isolated) 2x Form C User configurable 240VAC / 8 Amps. User configurable to use any parameter, including user ‘pushed’ registers.
SD Datalogger Up to 32 GByte removable. SDHC mode supported.
Internal Memory Highest readings retained Highest readings retained 32 GByte (SRU2X version)
Operating Temp. 0°F – 158°F, -18°C to 50°C 0°F – 158°F, -18°C to 50°C 0°F – 158°F, -18°C to 50°C
Dimensions 5.5” x 5.0” x 2.0” 6.00” x 5.25” x 2.25” 9.50” x 5.75” x 1.75”
Weight 1.5 lbs 1.5 lbs 2.0 lbs

Due to continual improvement, specifications are subject to change