AEGEOS Oilfield Technology

AEGEOS Oilfield Technology, is a specialty supplier of Production Optimization Technology Solutions.

AEGEOS Oilfield Technology, based in Tulsa, OK, is a specialty supplier of Production Optimization Technology and Solutions. Our team has years of experience in the design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of Downhole Monitoring Systems, as well as Surface Control Systems for all types of well and downhole Conditions .



The AEGEOS Oilfield Technology team has unmatched experience in helping operators make proactive decisions for the monitoring and control of a well through the use of downhole sensors. We offer products and services that give operators maximum production while minimizing downtime and costs.

Our downhole monitoring technology, The WellVIZOR Downhole Sensor, records continuous pressure with or without the pump lifting fluid, providing the operator with Pump-Off Prevention, Draw Down Monitoring, Temperature Protection and Well Performance / Pressure Surveillance.

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